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L V Prasad Eye Institute


LVPEI is one of India’s foremost centers for service, research, and training. Its influence is felt globally through its training programs and extensive collaborative research. In addition to its hospital setting in Hyderabad, LVPEI has a nearby campus for its School of Optometry and International Centre for Advancement of Rural Eye Care. Expansion of hospitals and vision centers through the state of Andhra Pradesh and now into Orissa are extending the LVPEI model, spanning all levels of care--tertiary, secondary, primary and community. LVPEI recently established its 100th primary care facility.

Seva and LVPEI work together to strengthen the Global Sight Initiative. LVPEI continues to be a leading hospital within India. In addition, through the TOMS partnership, Seva has augmented LVPEI’s existing support by contributing toward subsidized eye care services.

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