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Your Compassion Can Change The World
Your Compassion Can Change The World
Your Compassion Can Change The World
Your Compassion Can Change The World
Solutions in Sight

Ama's Story
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Two out of three people who are blind are women and girls. Your compassion restored Ama's eyesight, and is helping to increase access to eye care for women around the globe.

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Global Sight Initiative

100 hospitals committed to restoring sight for 1 million additional patients each year. This is the heart of the Global Sight Initiative.

The Global Sight Initiative began in 2006 as a group of eye hospitals committed to changing the way eye care is done. The objective is to provide high quality, high volume eye care services in an economically robust and sustainable way. The Global Sight Initiative goal is to engage 100 eye hospitals to perform at least one million additional cataract surgeries annually within a sustainable framework by 2020.

We now partner with nine organizations and hospitals in every region of the world who serve as mentor institutions. Mentors are models that continually improve their own hospital’s services, while also reaching out to help other hospitals in their region. The aim is to multiply the number of sustainable, community-oriented eye programs throughout every part of the world.

Mentors of the Global Sight Initiative include:


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