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About American Indians
5.2 million spread across the United States1

Blindness Prevalence:
90,700 American Indians2

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Prevent & Treat Blindness

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Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

1Norris, Tina , Paula L. Vines, and Elizabeth M. Hoeffel. "The American Indian and Alaska Native Population: 2010." United States Census Bureau, 1 Jan. 2012. Web. 15 May 2014.

2“Statistical Facts about Blindness in the United States in 2011.” National Federation of the Blind. Web. 15 May 2014.
Charlton's Story
A student at SIPI, Charlton is studying Vision Technology as a way to stabilize his professional life while giving back to the community. In partnership with the Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute, Seva is training the next generation of eye care professionals and bringing eye care to Native American communities.Watch the Video

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American Indian Sight Initiative


Seva focuses on the most common and treatable eye health issues found in American Indian communities: the need for eye screening, eyeglasses and diabetes-related eye care.

For example, Navajo children tend to have a higher rate of astigmatism, one of the three types of refractive error, the others being nearsightedness and farsightedness. Compounding this high prevalence is the critical level of rural poverty within the Navajo reservation. When a child receives a free pair of eyeglasses, we're not only providing them with the ability to see clearly we're also giving them back their potential to learn, to earn a living, and to engage with the world.

Together with our local partners, we increase community outreach; screen schoolchildren and the elderly for eye health issues; provide glasses; train mid-level eye care professionals to work in high-need communities; provide necessary equipment to improve eye care for diabetes related eye disease; and build bridges between the individuals in need of eye care and available eye health services.


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