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Dr Kuzenza 90x127.jpg

The Doctor with One Million Patients

In the Singida Region of Central Tanzania, one of the poorest in the country, a staggering 1.3 million people rely on the services of just one ophthalmologist: Dr. Kuzenza.

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Featured Patient Story - Seng Phel

Unable to see, Seng was carried by her daughter all the way to a Seva eye camp in rural Cambodia.

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Nik is Running To Save The Eyesight of Children In Need 

12-year old Nikolas Toocheck has a goal to run a marathon in each US State, raising funds & awareness in support of Seva's pediatric programs!

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Open Your Eyes

A new documentary by Academy Award nominated filmmaker Irene Taylor Brodsky follows a couple who are blind on their journey to see again.

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Seva Trains Hundreds of Nurses

Ophthalmic nurses perform 80% of patient care in eye hospitals - helping to restore sight to those living in darkness.

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Peter Singer's The Life You Can Save Recommends Seva as a "Top Ten Charity"

Philosopher Peter Singer highlights supporting Seva's sight-saving programs as a good example of effective altruism.

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