Gifts of Sight - Gifts that do a world of good!
howitworks_tall.gifPrice $150 - $500


Heart of Compassion $150 or selected amount
By choosing the Heart of Compassion, you give so many gifts in one — the gift of healthy communities, the gift of economic opportunity, the miracle of eyesight, and much more. Seva uses your donation for the critical programs that need it most urgently. What a wonderful way to reach out to others in compassionate service!
Kindness for Children $150 or selected amount
The well-being of the world's children is a responsibility we all share. Your simple act of compassion helps create the world that children deserve.
Opportunities for Women and Girls $150 or selected amount
Your gift opens new doors for the women and girls around the world who receive less access to health care and fewer economic opportunities. This gift can change a woman's life forever.
Train an American Indian Vision Technician $150
By supporting an American Indian student with training to become a certified Vision Technician, you help to create sustainable eye care programs within the American Indian community.
Screen and Provide Eyeglasses for 10 $150
Improve 10 people's lives with your gift! Support the screening and provision of eyeglasses for 10 people in remote regions where Seva works.
Train Women to Provide Eye Health Care $150
Train a female health care worker how to prevent blindness. With meaningful work in their community, these women gain economic security and ensure that people can see today and in the future.
Support Seva's American Indian Sight Initiative $150 or selected amount
Your gift brings Seva's commitment to curing blindness and low vision to American Indian communities in need.