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A Benefit for Seva Foundation - Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 - 8:00PM
Seva Foundation

“Seva has given so much help to so many thousands of people for so many years — such a wonderful example of love in action.”

Bonnie Raitt
Singer / Songwriter

Seva Foundation

"For 30 years Seva has made an extraordinary contribution to the world — not only through their international programs, but here in some of the most impoverished communities in North America, on Native American reservations. Thank you Seva."

Jackson Browne
Singer / Songwriter

Seva Foundation

"Seva takes the impulse towards generosity and turns it into compassionate action that helps people in real need. I honor my friends and relations by giving to Seva in their name — the entire world benefits. I hope you'll join me."

Peter Coyote
Actor / Writer

Seva Foundation

"Compassion and caring for people in need - that's simply a moral necessity. But it's not always easy to do. Seva makes it easy. They know how to put your donations to work in ways that truly benefit people."

Joan Baez
Singer / Humanitarian Activist

Seva Foundation

"When we met the folks at Seva, we knew we were among kindred spirits, joining to bring people together in service to others. Whether preventing blindness in Nepal, assisting native peoples in Guatemala and Mexico, or helping our own Native Americans, Seva has been there to help alleviate suffering and improve people's lives. Long may they rock!"

Phil Lesh
The Grateful Dead

Seva Foundation

"Seva's efforts create hope and happiness worldwide for so many people in difficult conditions. I've always been amazed and cheered by their good works and I've been very happy to help them in their fundraising efforts."

Bruce Hornsby
Singer / Songwriter

Seva Foundation

“We've always admired Seva's focus on serving indigenous people in the U.S. and around the world. Seva knows how to work with communities in ways that truly benefit those in need. We are honored to be involved with their mission and look forward to contributing to their efforts for years to come."

Tea Leaf Green

Seva Foundation

“I congratulate Seva Foundation for the magnificent work they continue to do."

Legendary Folk Singer

Seva Foundation

“Seva has done an incredible job all over the world helping people who really need it. I am proud to be one of the many who followed Wavy and his friends down this particular yellow brick road.”

David Crosby
Singer / Songwriter

Seva Foundation

“Such dedication to others — how could you not love Seva and what they accomplish? Well done!”

Graham Nash
Singer / Songwriter


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Please join us for a very special, intimate concert featuring Jason Mraz!

plus - Salman Ahmad of Junoon, host Wavy Gravy & surprise guests.

> Tickets are very limited
get yours here today <

Great American Music HallGreat American Music Hall
859 O'Farrell St
San Francisco, CA

For directions please visit their website.

All proceeds from this event will benefit Seva's programs around the world.

Thanks for your support!


Artists Bios:

Jason Mraz

Listen to a track from Jason Mraz:


Jason Mraz
has quietly amassed a youthful, diverse, and vibrant fan-base throughout all parts of the globe. His critically acclaimed live performances have propelled him from the San Diego coffee house circuit to amphitheaters, arenas, festivals and stadiums all over the world. Among many other international accolades, Mraz has won two major GRAMMY® Awards and garnered six nominations, a People’s Choice award, the Hal David Songwriter Hall Of Fame Award, and several Teen Choice Awards, to name a few.

Jason Mraz is indisputably among the most gifted and beloved artists of the modern era, making pop history with his record-breaking classic single, “I’m Yours,” while also earning platinum and multi-platinum certifications in more than 20 countries for his various releases. Moreover, the San Diego-based troubadour has proven a truly diverse creative presence. A dedicated surfer, farmer-gardener, filmmaker, and photographer, Mraz is first and foremost a committed global citizen. His impassioned social activism and philanthropic efforts span wide-ranging environmental advocacy and ardent support for LGBT equality. His global activism include participating in a rescue mission to Ghana with Free The Slaves and an internationally broadcast live performance in Myanmar to 70,000 people to bring awareness to human trafficking with MTV Exit. Through it all, Jason Mraz continually confirms and celebrates music’s myriad forms and miraculous power, inspiring and delighting his countless fans around the world he calls home.

Salman Ahmad

Listen to a track from Salman Ahmad:

Salman Ahmad


Salman Ahmad is a Pakistani musician and former actor, who used to be a member of Vital Signs but left after their debut album due to creative differences. He is also a medical doctor. He went on to form Junoon, Asia's biggest and longest-lasting rock band. While still enjoying the success of Junoon, Salman Ahmed has been involved in two documentaries with the BBC and is also a UN Goodwill Ambassador for HIV/AIDS. Ahmad is working towards spreading awareness about HIV in South Asia, and helping to bring peace between Pakistan and India.

Wavy Gravy

Wavy_gravy_200w.jpgOriginally known as Hugh Romney, Wavy became famous in the counter culture movement when he stood on the stage of the original Woodstock concert and announced...." What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for 400,000!" Over the past three + decades, Wavy’s primary focus has been Camp Winnarainbow, a circus and performing arts camp for children that he co-directs with his wife Jahanara and raising FUN’ds for the Seva Foundation, which he co-founded in 1978 with Larry Brilliant, Ram Dass and a group of public health professionals. Wavy is also know as a Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor. Through his good work on behalf of the planet and its least fortunate residents, Wavy Gravy has achieved his own brand of sainthood.

Larry Brilliant

larry_brilliant_headshot.jpgLarry Brilliant - co–founder of Seva Foundation, is the President and CEO of the Skoll Global Threats Fund, he was the Vice President of Google and Executive Director of Larry is an MD and MPH, board-certified in preventive medicine. In the late 1960’s, early 70’s Larry lived and worked in India for ten years and was on the UN team that led the successful World Health Organization smallpox eradication program. He co-founded The Well, a pioneering digital community that holds a special place in the history of online communities.

Larry worked for WHO and UNICEF in polio eradication and blindness and volunteered as a physician during several disasters, including the Asian Tsunami in Sri Lanka and Indonesia and the Bihar Floods. After the anthrax attacks in the U.S. in 2001, he volunteered as a first responder for CDC’s bio-terrorism effort.

Larry was founding chair of the National Bio-Surveillance Advisory Subcommittee, created by Presidential directive, and is a member of the World Economic Forum Global Advisory Council on Catastrophic Risks. He was elected to the Council on Foreign Relations in 2008. He is on the boards of the Skoll Foundation, Foundation and is a frequent speaker and consultant on topics ranging from social action to large scale social change.

Recent awards include the TED Prize in 2006, Time Magazine 100 Most Influential People and Top 20 Scientists and Thinkers (2008), UN Global Leadership Award (2008), Peacemaker Award (2005) and International Public Health Hero (2004) and two Honorary Doctorates. In 2009, the documentary about polio eradication, which Larry conceived and was funded by, The Final Inch, won an Oscar nomination and was bought and shown by HBO.

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