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Implementation Strategy
Seva's CGI Commitment: So One Million Eyes See Again

Throughout 2009-2015, Seva will lead the coalition and raise funds to fortify the Global Sight Network's capacity to implement our CGI Commitment: So One Million Eyes See Again.

The first phase of implementation (2009-2011) will strengthen the quality and capacity of eye care education, technology and research at rural partner centers in Seva's Global Sight Network ($10M). 

Subsequent phases will scale-up innovations in sustainable community eye care for at least 100 other hospitals and service providers in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

Below is a brief overview of the implementation strategies for the So One Million Eyes See Again campaign.  For more detailed information, please download our Implementation Strategy PowerPoint presentation.  Download now >

  • Workforce Development: This comprehensive workforce initiative includes postgraduate clinical and management training at Network partner locations for 500+ eye doctors and 2000+ highly skilled ophthalmic nurses, with a special emphasis on making these new jobs available to women.

  • Business Development: The 100 hospitals in the Global Sight Network will be taught how to implement operational systems and fee structures that enable them to become financially self-supporting.

  • Information Technologies: The Network will be powered by increased use of advanced information and communications technologies for on-line and print medical libraries, web-based benchmarking, telemedicine and distance learning.

  • Research: Seva will fundamentally enhance quality eye care service delivery and self-sustaining outcomes within and through the Network by coordinating academic and applied research initiatives.

  • Develop Regional and Global Advocacy: The Global Sight Network will work with local providers, regional leaders and suppliers in eye care, along with national and global health organizations and corporations to ensure needs for supply chain security, political support, and collaboration with local medical societies and officials.


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