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Kilimanjaro Centre for Community Ophthalmolgy - KCCO
(Moshi, Tanzania)

Founded in 2001, KCCO is the only centre in Africa for the study of effective eye care service delivery and the development of training programs to improve services and sustainability. With a staff of approximately 20 people, and 8 external (African) faculty, KCCO is demonstrating methods to bridge the gap between eye hospitals and the people who need their services. KCCO has completed a major capital campaign to enlarge the small facilities of KCCO and its companion institution: the KCMC Eye Department. This enables the institution to demonstrate affordable and accessible cataract surgury services and to provide multi-disciplinary training of all levels of eye care and management personnel, all under one roof. KCCO is in the process of radically expanding its consulting and mentoring with district eye care programs in six African countries in addition to scaling up its training at the KCCO base and commutiy service development throughout eastern Africa.


Main Contacts:
Dr. Paul Courtright, Co-Director
Dr. Susan Lewallen, Co-Director

Good Samaritan Foundation
P.O. Box 2254  Moshi, Tanzania
Tel: 225-27-2752547

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