Seva Foundation A Solution in Sight.

Visualiza (Guatemala City, Guatemala)

The development of the full range of Community Ophthalmology services is in early stages at Visualiza, yet an excellent start has been made. The foundation is being developed for expanded community programs for early detection and referral, as well as for training programs to meet the staffing growth needs of Visualiza and surrounding institutions. Visualiza is the only institution in its region which can demonstrate a relatively high volume, affordable, community-oriented service model. There are very few anywhere in Latin America to date. Thus, the growth of this institution is certain to have a major impact in establishment of the mind-set and programs to reach rural poor blind people.


Main Contacts:
Dr. Mariano Yee, Medical Director
Mr. Juan Francisco Yee, Administrator

1. Asociacion para la Prevencion de la Ceguera "Visualiza"
11 calle 3-43 zona 9
Guatemala Central America
Tel: (502) 23347212/13

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