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Tracking Results
Seva's CGI Commitment: So One Million Eyes See Again

Collection and analysis of relevant performance data will be a vital component of the So One Million Eyes See Again campaign.  Systematic tracking of results through an online benchmarking system will provide the transparency and accountability required of a project of this magnitude.

Importantly, sharing this performance data throughout the Global Sight Network is also one of the keys to accomplishing the campaign's goals.  Careful evaluation of results will help educate partner hospitals and stimulate continuous improvement throughout the Network.

Working with our Global Sight Network partners, we have developed a web based benchmarking tool called EyeQ. This platform is designed to capture quantitative data that is compiled and analyzed by the system while ensuring total confidentiality of the information. All of our campaign partners will use EyeQ to evaluate their hospital on key performance indicators, thus helping them identify areas for growth and improvement.

Eye care programs in developing countries across the globe, irrespective of geographic location and cultural diversity, share many of the same challenges: cost-effectiveness, sustainability, maintaining high quality and efficiently leveraging the limited resources available.  Benchmarking will allow hospitals to evaluate various aspects of their performance in relation to best practices within the same field and help them develop plans to adopt such practices.

You can download a brief PowerPoint presentation to learn more about EyeQ.
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