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Let There Be Sight
Witness a Seva Eye Camp in the Himalayas of Nepal             

In Let There Be Sight, Seva donor Turk Pipkin chronicles his journey with a Seva medical team to a remote surgical eye camp in Nepal's Himalayas where hundreds of people had their vision restored. Special thanks to musician and long-time Seva supporter Jackson Browne for use of his song "Doctor My Eyes."

Every five seconds someone around the world goes blind.  There are 285 million people worldwide who suffer serious vision impairment.  Of those cases, 90% occur in the developing world, and eight out of ten cases are caused by easily preventable or curable conditions such as cataract - fixed by what here in the western world is considered a quick and simple surgery.

Over the past 35 years, Seva has restored eyesight to nearly 3.5 million people worldwide, focusing our efforts on building sustainable eye care programs.

Seva's programs focus on bringing services to places where there is little-to-no eye care for the majority of the population, in places like Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Nepal, Tanzania and many other locations around the globe.

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