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Seva honored to have been selected as a featured charity

Focusing_Philanthropy_Logo_130x165.jpgFocusing Philanthropy has announced the launch of a new website showcasing especially-deserving and well-managed smaller charities.  Seva is honored to have been chosen by Focusing Philanthropy to be in the select group that will be featured. 

Focusing Philanthropy's mission is to support carefully selected organizations through the generosity of significant givers nationwide.  "We created this resource for personal philanthropy in reaction to our own experience as donors," said Larry Gilson, Chairman and one of the founders.  "We are all exposed to non-profits tackling worthy causes but which of them have substantial impact?  Which are institutionally credible?  Which have shown the capacity to use additional donations effectively?  And how can one learn about opportunitiies that are off the radar but with extraordinary promise?"


Gilson goes on to explain that "answering these kinds of questions turned out to be surprisingly difficult.  We were inspired to create Focusing Philanthropy because we knew that other busy people wanted their significant donations to have maximum impact but lacked the time or background to search for or vet a large number of organizations.  Focusing Philanthropy cast a wide net, then narrowed the candidates to a very special 14 through an exhaustive year-and-a-half process." 

Gilson noted that Focusing Philanthropy is at the other end of the spectrum from donation jars on retail counters and direct mail appeals for small amounts.  "Focusing Philanthropy was designed to meet the objectives of the donor who wants to achieve maximum impact from significant gifts," he said.  Gilson explains that giving to organizations and programs showcased by Focusing Philanthropy has a number of advantages for the serious donor.

First, many of the targeted opportunities are of a size and focus so that a key donation can "get the whole job done."  In contrast to many donations, philanthropists here can say "my donation accomplished this..."

Second, donors will be joining others with similar motivations, achieving a pooled impact through the concentrated giving of like-minded individuals. 

Third, donors have confidence that their generous dollars are impacting a well-screened and monitored pool of extremeley deserving recipients such as Seva.

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