Diabetes Talking Circles

Seva's IHS-recognized Diabetes Talking Circles provide a unique solution — one that creates a synergy between modern medicine and traditional forms of healing.

With Seva's support, the Diabetes Talking Circles program was launched in 1996.  It is a highly effective training that helps Native people develop self-managed strategies for diabetes prevention and treatment, and is designed to honor Native spiritual beliefs and uses traditional ceremonies such as Talking Circles as the basis for a relevant educational experience.

The program has become a nationally accepted for its effectiveness, and the US Indian Health Service Agency (IHS) has proven the Diabetes Talking Circles to be a successful model for diabetes prevention.  In 2006, the IHS adopted the talking Circles model as a "Best Practice," helping to bring this important work to tribes throughout the United States. Over 700 Talking Circle facilitators have been trained at tribal sites across the country, reaching more than 100 tribal sites to date. The information on the Diabetes Talk Circles is available for the public to utilize.

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Diabetes Talking Circles: from “Pilot Program” to “Best Practice”
Lorelei DeCora was the founder of this groundbreaking approach to diabetes self-management in Native American communities. This method of intervention has been recognized by the Indian Health Services Agency as one of the most effective models for Native American communities. Download an informative pdf and learn about how one woman’s vision provided a successful model for health practitioners and educators and improved the health for Native Americans and Alaskan Native People affected by Type 2 Diabetes.

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How to Bring Our Wellness Program to Your Community
The Diabetes Talking Circle is a project that anyone can take on in order to further their community’s knowledge of diabetes prevention methods. In our Toolkit is a list of all the materials that you’ll need in order to host your own Diabetes Talking Circle in your community.
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