World Sight Day 2012
Seva Pledges to Restore Eyesight to An Additional 5,000 People!

This World Sight Day, Seva is shining the spotlight on the fact that every five seconds, someone around the world goes blind.  Join Seva's World Sight Day campaign and help spread the word that 80% of blindness is preventable or curable!

[object Object]To mark this World Sight Day, Seva has pledged to enable an additional 5,000 people to have their eyesight restored through our preventable blindness activities!

There are 285 million people worldwide who suffer serious vision impairment.  Of those cases, 90% occur in the developing world, and eight out of ten cases are caused by easily preventable or curable conditions such as cataract - fixed by what here in the western world is considered a quick and simple surgery. 

Over the past 35 years, Seva has restored eyesight to over 3 million people worldwide, focusing our efforts on building sustainable eye care programs and highlighting the injustice that simple sight-restoring procedures and access to basic care are inaccesssible for so many. 

In honor of our World Sight Day goal, one of our generous partners, Focusing Philanthropy, has given a challenge grant of $80,000!  That donation has already been matched by Seva donors and we're now 2/3rds of the way towards our World Sight Day goal of restoring eyesight to 5,000 additional people.

Two more incredible Seva partners, TOMS, and The Nobelity Project, have produced the wonderful videos below.   We invite you to watch these two videos, along with a third animated clip that we've just released and learn about the work you'll be supporting when you donate to Seva's World Sight Day campaign.


There Was A Girl Who Lost Her Sight.
A new animated video on the importance of Seva's preventable blindness programs and the enourmous impact having sight restored can have on a little girl.

let_there_be_sight_thumb copy.jpg

Let There Be Sight
This eight-minute documentary, produced by the Nobelity Project, provides an excellent window for World Sight Day supporters into a Seva Remote Eye Camp high in the Himalayas of Nepal.  The film highlights the important work that is being celebrated through this World Sight Day campaign


Watch TOMS new World Sight Day video
TOMS, the "one for one" company that has redefined the meaning of corporate philanthropy, is now in a second year of partnership with Seva.  Watch their  World Sight Day Video highlighting TOMS' committment to raising awareness about the issue of preventable blindness this World Sight Day.  The video features Seva Sight Program Director Dr. Chundak Tenzing, along with TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie .

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