Seva - Compassion in Action
Your Compassion Can Change The World
Your Compassion Can Change The World
Your Compassion Can Change The World
Your Compassion Can Change The World
Our Mission

Ama's Story
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Two out of three people who are blind are women and girls. Your compassion restored Ama's eyesight, and is helping to increase access to eye care for women around the globe.

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Seva Foundation partners worldwide to create self-sustaining programs that preserve and restore sight.

A world free of avoidable blindness.

Guiding Principles
Turn compassion into action: We are professionals, volunteers, and donors drawn to this work by the spirit of service.

Value different ways of knowing: We respect both the analytical and intuitive in all our work.

Serve the underserved: We work with communities worldwide to achieve health equity--especially those that are vulnerable and economically marginalized including women, children, and indigenous peoples.

Promote a comprehensive concept of health: We recognize that spiritual and cultural renewal, economic self-sufficiency, environmental wellness, and medical services are important to well-being.
Create long-term partnerships: We are responsive to the changing needs and conditions of the people and programs with whom we work. By developing close relationships with local organizations and community leaders, we build trust, mutual respect, and cultural understanding.

Expand self-reliance: We promote self-reliance and aim to reduce dependence on outside assistance.  We seek sustainable solutions that come from within individuals and communities so our partners continue delivering services long after our involvement has ended.

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