Seva Foundation A Solution in Sight.

2013 Annual Summary 

Since 1978, Seva has been a leading innovator in the delivery of vital eye care and diabetes prevention services to the world's most vulnerable - including women, children, and indigenous peoples.

Seva's global health programs are made possible by the generosity of donors and volunteers joined together in the spirit of service.

This past year, Seva provided services to over one million people in areas of need around the world.  

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Sight Programs
Seva's Sight Programs have benefited millions of people in poor communities in countries such as Cambodia, Nepal, Tibet, India and Guatemala.  Our proven approach helps local partners develop high quality, affordable eye care services that they can sustain on their own.  In the past year, Seva-supported programs served over 1,041,000 people worldwide.

Center for Innovation in Eye Care
Through our Center for Innovation in Eye Care, Seva is leading efforts to scale up equitable and affordable eye care services around the world.  The work is organized into projects, each one bridging a gap in knowledge, service delivery and community outreach.  We address these far-reaching issues using the leverage and connections that Seva has built with the World Health Organization and others.

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