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Center for Innovation in Eye Care
Transforming global eye care

Seva's Center for Innovation in Eye Care builds upon lessons learned through Seva Sight Programs.  Working with major eye care organizations and teaching institutions around the world, the Center accelerates development of best practices that increase eye care services and their sustainability.  The work is organized into projects, each one bridging a gap in knowledge, service delivery and community outreach.

So One Million Eyes See Again 
This program, under the Center for Innovation, brings together eight leading eye care service, research, and training institutions spanning every region of the globe to increase the volume of sight-restoring cataract surgery through 100 eye hospitals.  Recognized as a Clinton Global Initiative by the William J. Clinton Foundation, this project is geared toward increasing the number of annual cataract surgeries performed at the 100 hospitals by one million by 2015.  Partner countries include india, Nepal, Guatemala, Egypt, Tanzania, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

AIDS Eye Initiative
Previous research, supported by Seva Foundation, found that CMV retinitis is a neglected cause of blindness in patients with AIDS (CMV retinitis is a viral infection of the retina and one of the primary infections in people with advanced AIDS).  Now, a pilot program supported by Seva Foundation in Myanmar has shown that CMV retinitis is also associated with an increased death rate, suggesting that the Seva project may not only prevent blindness, but also reduce mortality.  Screening techniques for CMV retinitis, based on our training, are showing excellent possibility for controlling CMV retinitis.  In the pilot program, 1396 patients have been successfully screened, and 129 patients were diagnosed with CMV retinitis.  In the past year a similar pilot project, in collaboration with Doctors Without Boarders, has been initiated in Nanning, Guangxi Province, China.

Grameen Eye Hospital Network 
Seva, along with long-time partner Aravind Eye Care System, completed the training of staff for the second of a growing network of Grameen Eye Hospitals in Barisal, Bangladesh.  The hospital began serving patients in May.  Meanwhile, the first hospital which opened one year prior, has already served tens of thousands of people and is recouping running costs from low patient fees.



One Million Eyes

Seva's new Clinton Global Initiative Commitment, So One Million Eyes See Again, will restore sight to millions of blind women.

New Cambodia Clinic

Seva is helping to bring eye care, jobs and new opportunity to Cambodia's poorest province.

Critical Impact Award
The Council on Foundations has chosen Seva to receive this prestigious award for "revolutionizing" community based eye care programs by helping to launch Aurolab.


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