Native American Programs
Renewing the health of people, culture and environment

Seva has a 30 year legacy of supporting and partnering with Native American communities through a combination of grassroots grants and sustainable health projects.

Our support is crucial — Native issues receive less than 0.5% of overall philanthropic giving in the US, and even fewer of these funds directly support Native-led organizations

Supporting Indigenous Solutions
Despite increasing awareness, chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity have become a public health crisis for Native American communities.  With Type 2 Diabetes in particular, Native American communities experience the highest prevalance rates of any population in the US.  In some communities, the majority of the population has diabetes, including significant levels of adult onset diabetes among children.  Recognizing that these destructive diseases stem from rapid changes to both Native societies and the environment, Seva's support affirms lifestyles that are healthy for people, cultures, and lands. 

Grassroots Support   Seva has provided nearly 350 seed grants to Native organizations working to build healthy communities, sustain their cultures, and protect the environment.  Our approach is to partner with groups that are having the greatest impact in their communities.

Program Review   This past year, Seva performed a review of the Native American Program.  The review will strengthen our ability to build sustainable programs that promote healthy communities throughout Inidan Country.  This valuable review is assisting Seva as we plan for the future.

Focus on Traditional Foods   Through partnership with local leaders, health workers, and Native-run organizations, Seva is helping to plant seeds for change.

Seva supports Native traditional foods and agricultural practices as an effective method for diabetes management and prevention.  Community gardens promote healthy food options, intergenerational learning, and offer positive ways for youth to connect with the land.

Sustainable Project Development   This past year, Seva celebrated the successful completion of the "Diabetes Talking Circles" program.  In partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Seva has brought the Diabetes Talking Circles model to over 149 tribal sites and trained 850 health care professionals who serve Native populations across the United States.  The model is now designated by the Indian Health Service as a Best Practice.





IHS Best Practice

The U.S. Indian Health Services Agency has adopted Seva's Diabetes Talking Circles model as a "Best Practice" — helping to bring this important work to tribes across the nation

Youth of the Peaks

Alberta Nells was chosen as a Brower Youth Award winner for her work in Youth of the Peaks, a Native American group supported by Seva

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