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All of the photographs in our website, Gifts of Service catalog and cards have been graciously donated. Our heartfelt thanks go to the photographers for their generous contributions!

Partho Banerjee, Jay Blakesberg, Helena Blanco, Geoff Oliver Bugbee, Paul Courtright, Matt Fitt, Terence Ford, Suzanne Gilbert, Beth Goldberg, Jessica Grignon, Karl Grobl, Barbara "Txi" Hannah, Brian Harris, AlisonM. Jones, Jon Kaplan, Don Klosterman, Cherie LaPointe, Susana Millman, Bob Minkin, Paul Paz y Miño, Deborah Moses, Julie Nestingen, Mary Pember, Maria Porter, Scott Ridgway, Tim Russo, Maura Santangelo, Amy Sherts, Aaron Simon, Martin Spencer, Yakira Teitel, Jennifer Ren Terry, Tibet Development Fund Staff, Dechen Tsering, Tsering Wangdui, Susie Weeks, Alexa Wilkie, Gabriel Wilkie-Rogers.

Portraits of Joy:
The Art of Jon Kaplan
Jon has been donating his work to Seva for over ten years.  You've probably admired his photos on our Gifts of Service catalog and gift cards.

In this interview, Jon talks about the message he's trying to convey through his portrait photography — and how he gets people to smile!  Read more

Featured Photographers

Jay Blakesberg
Jay is a well known rock'n roll photographer who is often featured in Rolling Stone and numerous other publications. Jay has generously been covering Seva's benefit concerts for many years.

Karl Grobl
On Karl's website you can take a tour of Seva's sight programs in Cambodia. You'll recognize many of the photos from our website and publications.

Brian Harris
Brian has made a huge contribution to our work over the years, having captured many wonderful shots of our programs around the world.

Jon Kaplan
Perhaps no photographer has made as large of a contribution to Seva's work as Jon Kaplan.  His stunning photographs capture the beautiful cutlures and people in the places Seva works.  Jon has been generously donating his images to Seva for over 10 years.

Scott Ridgway
Scott has a special passion for Native American culture, and uses his photography as a way of benefiting Native American communities.

Bob Minkin
Bob has captured wonderful images of Seva benefit concerts over the years.  You'll enjoy browsing his gallery.

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