Seva serves approximately 2.6 million people in three northwest provinces of Cambodia. In Battambang, one of the country’s poorest provinces, Seva and local partners started the Battambang Ophthalmic Care Center (BOCC). Seva currently supports 25% of all eye exams and surgeries in Cambodia. In addition, Seva provides eye glasses, trains teachers and village health volunteers to identify visually impaired children, and educates families on how to prevent eye diseases.

Jackson Browne
“For 30 years Seva has made an extraordinary contribution to the world - not only through their international programs, but here in some of the most impoverished communities in North America, on Native American reservations. Thank you Seva.”
Jackson Browne
Singer / Songwriter
Eye Care Services for One Woman | $35
You can help a woman living in a poor rural area get the eye care services she needs. From outreach and education to transportation arrangements, your gift ensures she avoids low vision and blindness.
Provide Vital Equipment and Supplies for Eye Exams | $25
The right tools in trained hands enable thousands of people to have their vision tested and sight restored.
Bridge Eye Care Needs in Remote Communities | $75
The people who need eye care most are often the last to hear about it. Sponsor eye health workers who reach out to the most vulnerable community members in need of sight saving services.
Restore Sight to a Blind Person | $50
Sponsor a cataract operation and restore sight to a blind person in Guatemala.
Heart of Compassion | $75 or selected amount
Support Seva's innovative projects that alleviate suffering caused by poverty and disease working with local people to create sustainable solutions that take root and grow.
Opportunities for Women and Girls | $100 or selected amount 
Your gift will support Seva's work with girls and women around the world.
Restore the Sight of a
Child | $100
Provide a child with specialized pediatric surgery, follow-up care, free glasses and more.  Now able to attend school, eventually work and care for their own family, a child's life is changed forever.
Kindness for Children | $100 or selected amount
The well-being of the world's children is a responsibility we all share. Your gift will prevent childhood blindness around the world, provide Native American youth with new opportunities to build a better future, and much more.
Train A Female Health
Worker | $150
This gift trains a female health worker in the techniques needed to restore sight and prevent blindness and ensures that quality eye care is available for generations to come.
Provide Screening and Eyeglasses for 10 | $150
Improve ten people's lives with your gift. Support the screening and provision of eyeglasses to ten people in remote regions. Glasses help children to read and stay in school and elders to maintain their independence.
Build an Eye Care
Team | $250
This gift provides training, tools and specialized equipment. A trained eye care team will be able to prevent blindness and restore sight to thousands of people in underserved communities.
Sponsor an Eye Camp and Outreach Services for One Day | $1,500
Restore sight to as many as 30 blind people. Your gift enables Seva to provide early prevention, screening and surgery through outreach services and a one-day eye camp.
Sponsor a 10-Day Eye Camp | $15,000
Support a 10-day eye camp and provide over 1,000 eye examinations and 300 sight-restoring surgeries in remote communities where there is no other access to eye care.
4-Pack Gift Cards | $50 
This unique pack of cards includes one of each gift card with envelopes and a description of the improtant health programs being supported through giving these beautiful cards. A great value - four gifts for the price of one!
10-Pack Gift Cards | $100
Two of each gift card with envelopes and a description of the health programs your Gifts of Service support in honor of your recipients.