Price $150 - $500
Train a Health Care Worker | $150
This gift trains a health care worker to deliver desperately needed eye care services to the people of Tibet, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cambodia, Guatemala, Egypt and throughout Eastern Africa.
Train an American Indian Vision Technician | $150
This gift supports an American Indian student with training to become a certified Vision Technician.
Heart of Compassion | $150 or selected amount
Support Seva's innovative projects around the world that alleviate suffering caused by poverty and disease. Your gift will support sustainable solutions that take root and grow.
Kindness for Children | $150 or selected amount
The well-being of the world's children is a responsibility we all share. Your simple act of compassion helps create the world that children deserve.
Opportunities for Women and Girls | $150 or selected amount
Your gift opens new doors for the women and girls around the world who receive less access to health care and fewer economic opportunities. This gift can change a woman's life forever.
Provide Screening and Eyeglasses for 10 | $150
Improve ten people's lives with your gift. Support the screening and provision of eyeglasses to ten people in remote regions. Glasses help children to read and stay in school and elders to maintain their independence.
Build an Eye Care Team | $75
This gift provides training, tools and specialized equipment. A trained eye care team will be able to prevent blindness and restore sight to thousands of people in underserved communities.
Provide Vision Screening for a Classroom | $500
This gift provides vision screenings and eyeglasses for a class of 25 students in a community where vision care is neither affordable nor accessible to the vast majority of families.