Gifts of Sight - Gifts that do a world of good!
2014_cardexample3out.gifGiving a Gift of Sight is the perfect way to honor friends, family, and colleagues during the holidays, for birthdays, Mother's Day, weddings, or any occasion. Your gift helps to reduce suffering around the globe.

Imagine a World Free of Avoidable Blindness
Imagine arriving in a small village far from your home after walking for days or riding for long hours in a jeep, bus or oxcart. Imagine waiting in a long line of people to see an eye doctor, perhaps for the first time ever. Imagine… the bandage is removed, a moment of surprise, then seeing the faces of loved ones for the first time in years — the miracle of vision restored. Imagine knowing you have profoundly changed someone's life forever with your gift to Seva. Through your Gifts of Sight you can make miracles happen!

Popular Gifts:    
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Give Sight to a Blind Person
Provide a 15-minute cataract surgery and give the gift of sight. Your meaningful gift will allow someone to see again!
Heart of Compassion
Support innovative projects that alleviate suffering and create sustainable solutions to poverty and disease.
Opportunities for Women and Girls
Your gift supports Seva's work with women and girls around the world.