Gifts of Sight - Gifts that do a world of good!
green_sidebar.gifEighty percent of the world's 39 million blind people would be able to see again — to go to work, care for themselves and their families, go to school — if they only had access to eye care. Because of generous gifts like yours, Seva and our partners have helped restore sight to over 3.5 million blind people around the world!

Seva's International Sight Program

Give Sight to a Blind Person $50
Provide a 15-minute cataract surgery and give the gift of sight. Your meaningful gift will allow someone to see again!
International Sight Gifts:
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Train a Woman to Provide Eye Health Care $150
Train a female health care worker how to prevent blindness. With meaningful work in their community, these women gain economic security and ensure that people can see today and in the future.
Give Sight to a Child $100
Restoring sight to a child is a gift that lasts a lifetime. This gift provides a child with specialized pediatric surgery and follow-up care. An entire family benefits when a child regains vision. Now able to attend school, a child's life is changed forever.
Mobilize an Eye Care Team in Africa $75
Help train and equip an eye care team to prevent blindness and restore sight in underserved communities in Africa.
Help a Woman See $35
Two-thirds of the world's blind are women. Give a woman living in a poor rural area the eye care services she needs.Your gift ensures she avoids low vision and blindness.
Screen and Provide Eyeglasses for 10 $150
Improve 10 people's lives with your gift! Support the screening and provision of eyeglasses for 10 people in remote regions where Seva works.
Equip an Operating Room in Cambodia $75
With the right equipment in the right space, our doctors and assistants perform quality surgeries for more people.
Expand Mayan Eye Care in Guatemala $35
Help reach vulnerable communities in rural Guatemala with vital eye care services. People previously without access to an eye doctor will now be able to go to a local eye clinic for professional care.
Sponsor an Eye Camp and Outreach Services for One Day $1,500
Restore sight to as many as 30 blind people. In remote regions of Nepal, Tibet, India and Cambodia, your gift enables Seva to run a remote eye camp for one day.
Sponsor a 10-Day Eye Camp $15,000
Support a 10-day eye camp and provide over 1,000 eye examinations and 300 sight-restoring surgeries in remote communities where there is no other access to eye care.