Direct Eye Care Services
Seva Foundation Sight Program

In the past year alone, Seva-supported programs served one million people worldwide. 108,000 people received cataract surgery to restore their eyesight.

However, rather than building our own eye hospitals, creating our own programs or sending our own doctors to provide services, Seva works in partnership with existing local programs and institutions. This not only ensures that care services are effective and culturally appropriate, it creates a pathway to sustainability that allows programs to take root and grow. 

Our work to develop direct eye care services in developing countries around the world is concentrated on three main program activities:  Eye Hospital Clinical Services, Community-Based Services, and Mobile Eye Camps.

Eye Hospital Clinical Services
Seva supports local hospitals and clinics in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Paraguay, Tanzania, Tibet, and Uganda helping them develop the means to provide basic eye care, surgeries, eye exams and glasses at little or no cost.

Community-Based Services
It's not enough to simply establish an eye care hospital or clinic. Special effort is required to make sure that people in need can actually make use of the services. The majority of blind people in developing countries live in remote areas, while most of the eye care providers and hospitals are situated in the cities. Women and children face extra challenges, including limited access to financial resources and health information, fewer travel options, and less social support in seeking care.

Seva supports outreach programs in underserved communities and trains local community health workers and volunteers to provide education on hygiene, nutrition, and poor vision. These health workers refer patients needing eye glasses or medical treatment to the nearest hospital and arrange their transportation to ensure that people are able to access the care they need.

Mobile Eye Camps
Blind people in remote areas of Nepal, Tibet and Cambodia live far away from eye care services and are often unaware of available treatments or simply unable to reach a clinic. Mobile eye camps are a unique, incredibly effective way to bring the gift of sight to thousands of people who would otherwise remain needlessly blind. Seva supports mobile teams of doctors and support staff who travel to remote rural areas to provide outreach and education, diagnostic screening, and sight restoring surgeries to people in need.



Mobile Eye Camps

Seva has long supported this innovative way to bring eye care services to poor people in remote areas of Tibet, Nepal and Cambodia

USAID A2Z Case Study on Child Blindness
Seva's success tackling childhood blindness in Cambodia and Nepal is featured in this comprehensive case study from the United States Agency for International Development

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