Eyexcel: Training the Trainers in Bangladesh

Seva supports a variety of strategic training initiatives to build self-sustaining programs. Among Seva's top priorities is to build programs run by local people who have both the clinical knowledge to provide high quality eye care and the skills to train others. It is our aim that high quality care will be accessible to communities long after Seva's involvement has ended. Key to this sustainability is highly trained staff that has the leadership capability to inspire teams, manage programs themselves and train future eye care providers.

Eyexcel is a "train the trainer" workshop for improving the capabilities and outcomes of our partner hospitals. Each course includes a five-day workshop, a participant e-workbook, and a post-training follow-up on application of new learning after 90 days.

Eyexcel drills medical trainers in the following topics:

  • Use principles of adult education to maximize learning
  • Follow the appropriate process for designing paramedic training programs
  • Use appropriate instructional methods in the classroom and other settings
  • Develop the necessary administrative infrastructure for the training center
  • Use IT and intranet resources to deliver the training
  • Plan for a sustainable paramedic training program
  • Launch a new ophthalmic assistant training program; as well as improve or expand an existing program

In addition, this course also includes several multimedia and online resources for Allied Ophthalmic Personnel training courses.

In our most recent Eyexel training from November 16th to November 20th, 2019, twenty-three participants from seven different hospitals took part in the sessions, including clinical subject matter experts, aspiring trainers, and hospital administrators. Since the program's inception in 2007, approximately 500 people, hailing from over 30 countries, have been trained in Eyexcel workshops. Using what they learn in the course, most participants start training programs at their own hospitals.

The latest Eyexcel course took place in Bangladesh this past November. It was Seva's first Eyexcel workshop in the country, and lasted from November 16-20, 2019. We at Seva are excited to see the life-changing work these wonderful professionals and paraprofessionals will accomplish in their home country with the tools we have given them!

Above: Eyexcel training workshop participants in Bangladesh.

“500 people, hailing from over 30 countries, have been trained in Eyexcel workshops.”

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