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Dellyn Chinana’s Story: Providing Eye Care in Her Native Language

My Dellyn Chinana. I'm from Jemez Pueblo. I'm in the Vision Care Technology program. I actually wanted to major in this field since I was a little kid.

With Seva's help, Dellyn will be the first eye care professional in the Jemez Pueblo to serve her community in their native language.

[Towa] My Indian name is Little Basket, from the Corn Clan.

Towa is my major language fluently spoken at home and around the pueblo.

Nearly 2,000 people speak Towa in the Jemez Pueblo of New Mexico. But no eye care services are available in Towa.

Dellyn and her goal is to return back home and to work in the healthcare system in Jemez Pueblo.

None of the people that work in the ophthalmic field speak Towa. Towa is mainly the reason why I want to go back, because I know I can speak it fluently and actually help out my people with their vision, and just speaking to them fluently in Towa.

Dellyn's commitment to her community will help those who speak Towa, especially elders, have better access to eye care.

She's very much into community outreach, and being able to speak her language and to show the health prevention within her community is going to be a great addition to the Jemez Pueblo people.

They need to feel comfortable with someone that they can talk to in their own language, and respecting our elders is the most important thing for me.

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