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Patient Story:
Your Support Restored Sight to Sharuk and Suhail, 4-Year-Old Twin Boys in India

Seva-supported outreach programs regularly conduct eye screenings in communities where there is often no doctor at all, let alone an eye doctor. We are happy to share this patient story so that you are aware of the incredible impact your support has on the lives of so many people around the world.

Recently, an eye screening took place at a school in India, where a Seva-supported outreach team noticed 4-year-old twin boys, Sharuk and Suhail, who were rather quiet and withdrawn compared to the rest of the boisterous children running around.

The team evaluated the twins' eyes and discovered that the boys each suffered from congenital cataracts in both eyes. This genetic disorder didn't just limit their vision, it limited their future.

Already struggling to meet the family's basic needs, their parents were distraught when they learned that their sons would go blind without surgery – a surgery they couldn't afford.

Sharuk and Suhail's parents did not have the opportunity to attend school themselves and they were determined that their boys receive an education. The boys are the family's hope for the future.

Thanks to support from donors like you, Seva covered the cost of the boys' sight-saving surgeries and long-term follow-up care, including glasses.

Today, the twins are happy and healthy, and their parents are beaming, relieved that their boys will be able to continue their education. The family is filled with newly found hope and optimism – all because of the generosity of Seva donors.

Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial to ensuring good vision for life. Without proper care, children like Sharuk and Suhail would struggle to finish school, be dependent on caregivers, and face difficult life-long challenges. Studies show that for children living in poverty, blindness dramatically reduces their chances of survival.

No child should be left to suffer from treatable blindness. On behalf of the nearly one million people Seva serves with eye care each year, we are grateful for your support.

A donation of $150 can cover a sight-saving surgery for a child in need.

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