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Curt Hill

Curt Hill is CEO of Practice Management Resource Group (PMRG), an innovative medical billing service that works exclusively with ophthalmologists. PMRG provides back-end support for about 80 practices, from small, start-up offices, to 18 large provider practices. They help make these organizations more efficient, so that doctors, nurses, and staff can focus on their calling: giving the gift of sight to people in need.

PMRG has been a Seva supporter for over four years, donating a percentage of their net profits to us. Many of their clients have humanitarian “giving back” programs. These range from annual eye care trips to Vietnam, to setting up programs in local underserved areas. PMRG also makes annual donations to Seva in their clients’ names.

Curt learned about Seva while he was searching for a vision care nonprofit to which PMRG could donate. “I found out about Seva by happenstance,” he recalls. “I was taking a yoga class around the corner, and after reading about and researching the work of Seva, it became clear very quickly that this was an organization that was aligned with our values. It was a perfect fit for us.”


Above: Curt Hill with his management team.

Rich Gosse

Rich Gosse is a Seva donor with an extremely varied and interesting career.  Driven by politics from a young age, he has served as a precinct captain for presidential campaigns, founded a nonprofit aimed at reducing crime, and even ran for governor in 2003. Rich also worked as a school teacher for nine years.

However, his most ardent passion is in helping others find love. Rich serves as the Chairman of the Society of Single Professionals, the world’s largest nonprofit singles organization. His group organizes about 60 events a year for single professionals, all of which are fundraisers for Seva. 

His reasoning behind choosing Seva is straightforward: “I went onto Charity Navigator and researched many charities, looking for the one that gives most bang for the buck. At $50 per sight-restoring cataract surgery, that charity was obviously Seva.”

Rich also has a personal reason for supporting Seva’s sight-restoring work:

“Frequently I would drive home late at night from singles parties and have difficulty with the glaring headlights,” he recounts. “I was going to be forced to stop running the parties. It turned out I needed to have cataracts removed from both eyes. Now I am 20/20 in both eyes. So I know from first-hand experience the importance of this simple, inexpensive 15 minute operation!”


Above: Rich Gosse.

Jahanara Romney

Jahanara is one of Seva’s “Founding Mothers.” She and her husband, the world-famous peace activist Wavy Gravy, were among the original founders of the organization, along with Dr. Larry Brilliant, Dr. Girija Brilliant, Ram Dass, Suzanne Gilbert, and others. 

“My mission is to be useful and to make things better than I find them,” she explains. “I decided to take the leap and see if I could find a way to further that goal.”

Jahanara has been a program volunteer, administrative staff member, board member, donor, and vocal advocate for Seva for its 41-year history. She and Wavy Gravy have visited Seva partners all over the planet, from South Dakota to Nepal.

Outside of her work with Seva, Jahanara has had a long and dynamic career in both arts and activism. She sang with Bob Dylan in the 60’s, appeared in episodes of “The Twilight Zone,” “Gunsmoke,” and “Star Trek,” and protested the Vietnam War with her husband. Now she serves as the Administrative Director for Camp Winnarainbow, a nonprofit circus and performing arts children's summer camp.

“The longer I am with Seva the more I understand the deep sincerity, profound competence and commitment at the core of this organization and its work,” reflects Jahanara. “I feel lucky to be part of it.  I know how the money is being used. I have been able to see our small but consistent contributions make a real difference in the lives of real people and that the relationship between Seva and the people we work with is warm, respectful and has integrity.”


Above: Jahanara Romney with Wavy Gravy.

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