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Seva’s Drivers for Success: Eye Care for Children

Today, more than 90 million children and adolescents live with some form of
visual impairment.Because eighty percent of what a child learns is processed visually, undiagnosed vision impairment in children affects not only their social development and health, but can also negatively impact their professional careers.

Introducing Seva’s Drivers for Success: Eye Care for Children.

Seva prioritizes timely diagnosis and comprehensive eye care for children, from screening and early identification of eye care needs to referral, provision of care, and long-term followup.

Our programs are embedded in schools and local community networks to increase eye care awareness and ensure that children with vision problems get the ongoing care they need. Local vision centers build awareness and provide consistent access to basic eye care. Children in need of more advanced care are referred to partner hospitals with specialized facilities and staff.

Seva invests in critical training at every step, from training the community network to identify children with vision problems, to training doctors with highly-specialized surgical skills, like those necessary to restore sight to children like Pablito [pah-BLEE-toh].

With your support, Seva and its partners are working to insure that the next generation of children will be free of avoidable blindness.

Help us insure that the next generation is free of avoidable blindness.

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Seva's Drivers for Success

Vision Centers

Vision Centers are local permanent establishments that can address up to 80% of all eye care needs. They make basic eye care accessible to a community, no matter how remote, while also spreading awareness and serving as the foundation of a larger global referral network.


Technology is utilized and developed throughout our programs to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of outreach initiatives, vision screenings, hospital flow, complex surgical procedures, and to multiply the efforts of in-demand eye care specialists around the world.

Eye Care for Children

Eye Care for Children focuses on providing kids with comprehensive pediatric eye care. Awareness building and eye screening services are embedded into schools and communities, developing referral networks so that children get the care they need to thrive.

Training & Job Creation

Training and Jobs Creation expands access to eye care by scaling up the training and use of ophthalmic support staff and developing sustainable programs which create jobs for local women and men and stimulate the economy in their communities.

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Care for Children

Today, more than 90 million children and adolescents live with some form of visual impairment. Most of these kids live in areas of the world where even the most basic eye care services continue to be out of reach. Combatting child blindness is one of the most cost effective health interventions and kids who have their sight restored are given an average of 50 years of sight.

Seeing the World Through A Child's Eyes

In less time than it takes to read this article, a child will lose their eyesight. One every minute. The child will likely be living in poverty, struggling for survival in one of the many parts of the world where access to even the most basic of eye care services continue to be out of reach.

Donor Spotlight: Nikolas Toocheck

"Just thinking about the kids out there that can't see, I just couldn't imagine not being able to see and I really hope that I can help change that for a lot of kids," says Nikolas.

Bio Eyes Will Provide Comprehensive Eye Care to 200,000 School Children in India

Seva is excited to announce the launch of our new Buy a Frame, Help a Child to See program in partnership with the eyewear brand Bio Eyes. Through sales from this line of eco-friendly eyewear, Bio Eyes will support Seva's efforts to screen the eyes of 200,000 school children in India.

Seva Screens the Eyes of Over 100,000 Children in Cambodia

For nearly 20 years, Seva has been dedicated to building sustainable pediatric eye care programs in Cambodia - programs that provide sight-saving care to children in need throughout the country.

Bringing the World into Focus for Nepali Children in Need

If you have the opportunity to travel to Nepal, a country where 33% of the population is under the age of 14, you will surely notice the smiling faces of children everywhere you go. You may also notice that very few of these children are wearing eyeglasses.

Patient Spotlight: Meet 9-Year-Old Wendy

A nervous mother brought her nine-year-old daughter Wendy to a Seva-sponsored outreach screening camp, hoping the doctors could restore sight to her blind eye. Five years ago, Wendy had lost vision in her eye after accidentally being bumped in the head while playing with friends.

Seva's Inaugural #SevaSocialGiving Crowdfunding Campaign

Your support of this innovative campaign made it possible for Seva to train 40 teachers in Cambodia who are screening the eyes of 29,000 students for visual impairment. These efforts are identifying children who need of glasses and sight-saving medical care, like sweet 7-year-old Bopha who is featured in this video.

Seva Donors Make The Miracle of Sight Possible in Cambodia

This past February, a rural school in Cambodia experienced firsthand how the support and compassion of Seva donors, combined with a few dashes of serendipity, changed the lives of the students and teachers forever.

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