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Seva’s Drivers for Success: Vision Centers

Introducing Seva’s Drivers for Success: Vision Centers.

Around the world, Seva provides remote communities with increased access to eye care by building vision centers.

A vision center is a permanent, local center that is equipped to meet eighty percent of eye care needs, and refer patients who require more advanced care to nearby hospitals. These vision centers act as an extension of hospitals, and as part of a larger eye care network, they provide consistent, comprehensive eye care to the community.

Because they are permanent institutions, they make eye care more accessible to women and other underserved populations. Establishing vision centers in remote areas also expands job opportunities for community members and strengthens economic growth.

Referral hospitals employ one to three staff members from the local community to run the vision center. Vision technicians who demonstrate commitment to their work have additional career development opportunities within the primary eye care vision center system, or at the base hospital.

In just the past one year, Seva’s vision centers have created access to eye care for more than 3.6 million people and provided critical eye care services to more than 333,000 people.

With your support, Seva and its partners can make access to vision care a reality for everyone in the world.

Help us bring vision care to everyone in the world.

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Seva's Drivers for Success

Vision Centers

Vision Centers are local permanent establishments that can address up to 80% of all eye care needs. They make basic eye care accessible to a community, no matter how remote, while also spreading awareness and serving as the foundation of a larger global referral network.


Technology is utilized and developed throughout our programs to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of outreach initiatives, vision screenings, hospital flow, complex surgical procedures, and to multiply the efforts of in-demand eye care specialists around the world.

Eye Care for Children

Eye Care for Children focuses on providing kids with comprehensive pediatric eye care. Awareness building and eye screening services are embedded into schools and communities, developing referral networks so that children get the care they need to thrive.

Training & Job Creation

Training and Jobs Creation expands access to eye care by scaling up the training and use of ophthalmic support staff and developing sustainable programs which create jobs for local women and men and stimulate the economy in their communities.

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