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Featured Seva Supporter: A letter from Fania
Proceeds from 13-year old Fania's hand-painted greeting cards will restore sight to 7 people in need

My name is Fania Swadener. I'm in the 7th grade at the Denver School of the Arts, majoring in Visual Arts. I've always been interested in art, music and photography.

I'm also a band-obsessed teenager who probably spends way too much time watching anime and YouTube. But I've always been intrigued by the mystery of sight and how sight gives us the ability to understand and respond to everything around us.

As a Visual Arts major, "seeing" is an important aspect of my life.

As a Bat Mitzvah, I choose to use my art to encourage others to be aware of and contribute to Seva's amazing work. A "mitzvah project" is a project or "good deed" that brings extra goodness or healing into the world.

I often make art that has some kind of meaningful message, so I thought that creating greeting cards would be a perfect opportunity to use my art as a "mitzvah."

Greeting cards are often something that someone will give to another to express a message such as "Get Well!" or "Congratulations!" So being able raise awareness of Seva while using my art to offer people a way to send a message to a loved one was a nice combination.

I decided that preventing blindness and restoring sight is an important cause to support because the ability to see the world around us is a treasure and to lose it is a tragedy. For people who cannot afford a simple surgery or who live in developing countries with no access to the medical care they need to restore sight, having this gift given to them from someone they don't even know about is incredible!

I feel honored and happy to be able to help people around the world regain something as mysterious and central to life as their vision. I'm so glad to have an impact on their lives.

Sight is a treasure.

If we lose it and someone can help us to regain it what an amazing gift!

- Fania

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