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Letter from the Executive Director

AGILITY – I've been thinking about the meaning of this word lately. Thinking quickly, under pressure, and needing to make skillful decisions. Every one of us is agile these days.

I'm proud of the agility I see in my team and our partners here in the US and across the globe. Over the past several months, as the world changed, we leaned into our core values of compassion in action, equity, and respect. By doing so, we were able to support those in need. We saw agility in the form of innovations in telemedicine, new safety protocols, and diagnosing patients remotely.

While we understand the work we do is serious, we don't take ourselves seriously. This wisdom is the gift from one of our most beloved co-founders, Wavy Gravy. He celebrated his birthday earlier this year under quarantine and via a live stream concert. His opening welcome was videotaped at his home, and the footage used was pulled from earlier shows.

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1 Million+ Children Screened, 1 Million+ Children Achieving their Dreams


There are 19 million children worldwide under the age of 15 who live with impaired vision. In 2018, moved by this alarming statistic, Seva made a commitment to screen 1 million children and provide all necessary follow-up care by December 2020. This major undertaking was supported by Seva's corporate partner, MODO, and other Seva supporters.

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Seva launches a new workshop in Nepal and India to advance eye care solutions


At Seva, from our work with eye care professionals, hospitals, and partners in over 20+ countries, we've witnessed first hand the transformative power of community health. By partnering directly with the communities we serve to co-create innovative eye care solutions, we can reach more people with the sight-restoring treatment they need and, in turn, transform more lives.

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Leveraging technology to re-emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be one of the most pressing global health challenges of our time. Seva is thankful for all the brave frontline and essential workers who have tirelessly risked their lives in support of others. We are also thankful for you and your continued support in ensuring that our partners receive the vital resources they need in the face of this crisis.

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14-year-old Shakeela could now see everything she had been missing!


For most of her life, Shakeela Bibi did not realize she had a vision problem. A 14-year old girl living in Pakistan, Shakeela had to drop out of school after two years because she could not keep up with her peers. She had trouble reading the blackboard and would copy off of other students' notes instead.

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Donor Shout-outs


Andrew Allen, a California wedding officiant, first learned about Seva at a fundraiser in 2013. Although he originally attended the fundraiser to listen to the music, Andrew left having learned a lot more about Seva and even purchased a few shirts.

Dr. Dipankar Mukhopadhyay is a dedicated teacher, doctor, and Seva supporter from West Bengal, India. Eyecare has always been important to Dr. Mukhopadhyay, as his father and wife both lived with vision loss.

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A conversation with Dr. Ashwini Kumar, a pediatric ophthalmologist in India


We believe that all children should be able to play, learn, and grow. Unfortunately, according to the World Health Organization, an estimated 1.4 million children globally are blind, and 19 million live with some form of visual impairment. At Seva, we know that to create a world free of avoidable childhood blindness, we must screen children for vision impairment as early as possible and identify and provide treatment to those in need. This means meeting and screening children where they are - at schools, at home, and in their community.

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