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Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Seva supporter,

If you spend a few moments with a Seva staff member or partner, you will understand why this organization stands as a unique voice in the development and social justice arena. Why is it unique? Firstly, Seva’s longstanding commitment to world-class science and, secondly, our unwavering dedication to true human compassion set us apart.

I share this as a precursor to why we emphasize the impact of our work. It’s because the quality and safety of each person are as important as the eye care itself. We are not alone in our quest to uplift human dignity. The United Nations tracks progress and has 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030. Dr. Mariano Yee and I recently attended the United Nations General Assembly, joining Ministers of Health, the International Labor Organization, the World Health Organization, and fellow civil society service providers.

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Writer—check. Illustrator—check. Entrepreneur—it's on the list.

At the tender age of 11, Pisey is already studying the Khmer language and learning to write in its formal, more difficult form. But she doesn’t stop there; she also draws pictures to accompany her writing. So it was surprising when Pisey’s mom, Dai Vanneth, observed that something was amiss with Pisey’s eyes; they watered while she slept.

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Call the Please Force!

Wavy Gravy and a few hundred friends are in the building!

They came in plaid. They came in voluminous pants and retina-searing tie dye, often as one outfit. They convened to celebrate a man known for his Woodstock quote but famous for his huge heart. Wavy Gravy’s birthday concert benefiting Seva was a good old-fashioned lovefest, brimming with soul. And bubbles.

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Bollywood in Portland?

Yep, and a popular fundraiser for Seva returns in person!

It was raining in Portland, OR, but the Balaji Temple was aglow with partygoers wearing traditional Indian colors: saffron yellows, scarlets, and magentas. Onstage was Indian-American singing group Soor Aur Saptak (SAS) holding its 12th annual concert benefiting Seva.

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The Nepal Blindness Survey at 40

When art, science, and compassion meet.

It’s 1978 in Michigan. A clown, a guru, and a doctor walk into a cabin. The clown says, “What I have in mind is eye care for 400,000.” The guru says “See here now.” The doctor says, “Brilliant. We can do that.”

And that’s how Seva started.

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Your support changes lives

From education to eyeglasses, from cataract surgery to cameras that diagnose, your support has helped people around the world. Thanks to you, Seva has provided vital eye care services to 57 million people in the world, including more than 6.5 million people in the last year alone. Seva’s vision is a world in which no one lives with avoidable blindness.

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Donor Shout-Outs – Fall 2023

“They Shared Everything.” Seva supporter Dennis Donham gives back.

Ann Lowry's commitment to Seva & the world. Creating a legacy of eye care.

Two Words We Like: Direct and Powerful. Wellness expert, writer, yoga teacher, devoted human to Vladimir the rescue pup.

Miracle Pop-Up is a Christmas-themed pop-up cocktail bar that partners with locations all over the world during the holiday season.

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Meet the Seva Squad

Meet the inaugural Seva Squad, young artists and activists eager to make the world a better place. From stories that explore not only vision problems but the stigma that can come with it, to video and photo streams, these projects reflect the talent and compassion of their creators.

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