Donor Testimonials

Thanks to supporters like you, we are able to serve millions of people every year with vital sight-saving eye care services. Here are a few of Seva's donors and what they have to say about Seva Foundation.


Terrie Velasquez

“I believe that a goodness given to any one person on our planet is now a goodness for all to share.”


Dr. Dipankar Mukhopadhyay

“What stuck with me was Seva not only provided a service but a service for people with compassion and a thorough knowledge of the landscape.”


Victoria Fussell

“Seva’s mission statement, transforming lives by restoring sight, says it all pretty much. When you have your sight restored, it illuminates your entire being.”



“Like many folks, I first learned about Seva back in the late 80s through Ram Dass. I was looking for a service organization whose work expressed my understanding of the Buddhist concept of Right Action.”


Pat Haley

“Sight is big things and the little things. All are important and all deeply enhance the human experience that defines us and enriches our lives. Thank you to Seva and all the people involved in this incredible foundation. The work and passion you provide transforms lives, builds community, and connects all of us to each other.”


Shagun Sharma

“We instantly felt the synergy between our brand and Seva and reached out to them to build a partnership to achieve a common goal.”


Andrew Allen

“Restoring someone’s sight has to be one of the best things that you can do to improve someone’s enjoyment of life, as well as their ability to maintain a livelihood.”


Sandhi Bhide

Soor Aur Saptak

“It is our privilege and honor to raise funds to support Seva's programs to prevent pediatric blindness.”


Rich Gosse

Society of Single Professionals

“Frequently I would drive home late at night from singles parties and have difficulty with the glaring headlights. I was going to be forced to stop running the parties. It turned out I needed to have cataracts removed from both eyes. Now I am 20/20 in both eyes. So I know from first-hand experience the importance of this simple, inexpensive 15 minute operation! I went onto Charity Navigator and researched many charities, looking for the one that gives most bang for the buck. At $50 per sight-restoring cataract surgery, that charity was obviously Seva.”


Lana Yarkin

“I first learned about Seva from my mom who also supports the organization, and the cause immediately resonated with me. I have poor vision, but I've been fortunate enough to have the resources to visit eye doctors and purchase glasses. I was shocked when I learned that in other parts of the world, children with poor eyesight aren't able to attend school and have extremely limited prospects for their future. The surgeries Seva provides are truly life changing!”


Kalpita Chakote

“I have a severe astigmatism, which used to increase at a dangerous rate, but thankfully, my parents are able to afford to pay for the expensive eye care. However, there are others similar to me who are not as fortunate, and I wanted to help them. Not being able to see is an aspect of some people's daily lives. They don't have any ophthalmologists or eye care. So when I heard about and researched Seva Foundation, whose mission is to restore eyesight and prevent blindness, I wanted to help because I knew what they faced, and knew it was the organization I wanted to help.”


Fania Swadener

“I decided that preventing blindness and restoring sight is an important cause to support because the ability to see the world around us is a treasure and to lose it is a tragedy. For people who cannot afford a simple surgery or who live in developing countries with no access to the medical care they need to restore sight, having this gift given to them from someone they don't even know about is incredible!”


Sharon Hansen

“The quickness and ease of restoring sight when you have the funds and trained people to do so was a big factor in choosing to support Seva, as that is a lasting, major way to improve a person’s ability to survive difficult conditions and even to thrive.”


Nikolas Toocheck

“You don't have to be big to make a difference! Just thinking about the kids out there that can't see, I just couldn't imagine not being able to see and I really hope that I can help change that for a lot of kids.”


Kimm Parker

“I like the idea that if you give $50, someone in Nepal who needs eye surgery can get it. This direct exchange was like magic to me.”


Corey Smith

“In the United States, and the developed world, people getting glasses and being able to see the world more clearly, or having a simple cataract surgery, we take it for granted. But in places without the ability to do that, it's something that's truly miraculous, to be able to give someone the gift of sight.”


Glenn Tucker

“The work of Seva is very focused and clear, and donating to Seva provides a very direct path to helping those in need.”


Keith Goldstein

“When we thought about legacy giving, my wife and I, our very first choice was Seva. We trust Seva more than any other charitable organization that we know. We admire their dedication to their goals of restoring sight to people in the neediest communities. Seva was absolutely our first choice for a legacy gift.”


John Plowright

“When you restore somebody’s sight, you’re not only giving their life back, but freeing up the entire infrastructure and support that individual has. To free that up has a profound impact on the whole community.”


Jake Wojnas

“The inspiration is multidimensional. Seva’s mode of operation centers on doing the most good by building local capacity. This results in a system that is empowered, responsive to local needs, and has the capacity to deliver care in the most efficient way possible.”

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